Re: [asa] Demarcation was Re: thinking was prosecutors and not that of the judge

From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Tue May 08 2007 - 21:46:18 EDT

On 5/8/07, Bill Hamilton <> wrote:
> Rich wrote
> Now the question that dogs this list and the our entire organization is
> what happens when the two things (tested natural propositions and Scripture)
> we implicitly trust appear to conflict. As Hamlet said while considering
> another quandary, "Ay there's the rub." What you and David need to note is I
> am not saying one whit about this because I only dealt with the easy
> problem. Please do not infer what I am not implying.
> When our understanding of Scripture and the current findings of a
> scientific discipline appear to conflict, there are several possibilities:
> 1) Our understanding of Scripture is incomplete; 2) The scientific results
> are incomplete or just plain wrong; 3) Some combination of 1) and 2). When
> we reach this point we need to redouble our efforts to understand both the
> Scripture and the science. If we do this, an inconsistency becomes a
> challenge to do more research and improve our understanding.
> BTW I believe philosophers currently believe that there is no satisfactory
> solution to the science/nonscience demarcation problem. This doesn't mean we
> shouldn't try to judge the scientific merits of a research program, but we
> shouldn't take ourselves too seriously.

Paragraph 1 I agree with fully. As for paragraph 2 I was trying to do
precisely that and not take ourselves too seriously. Somehow when something
gets demarcated outside of science it's treated with shock rather than a
shrug. As for the apparent conflict problem, if the conflict involves
broadly demarcated science then that science can be more easily dismissed.
Nevertheless, as Terry rightly noted much of these things he called "stamp
collecting" activities are very helpful and are the building blocks for the
science that follows. For the record, I believe Moorad is too narrow as ID
is too broad.The historical sciences are true science.

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