[asa] DeHaanıs theory of ³ Macro-Development²

From: FredHeeren <fred@day-star.org>
Date: Tue May 08 2007 - 17:25:21 EDT

Itıs taken me several decades, but in recent years, the evidence for common
descent has finally been striking me as persuasive. Iım also inclined to
buy into some combination of the most frequently cited mechanisms of change
claimed by mainstream biologists and geneticists. In the process of
attempting to solidify my understanding of the mechanisms, Iıve tried to
examine many of the arguments that would refute them. One refutation that I
donıt yet feel qualified to answer is the proposal given in the late 1990s
by ASA member Robert F. DeHaan, who published his views in Perspectives
(³Paradoxes in Darwinian Theory Resolved by a Theory of Macro-Development² ­
Sept. 1996, and ³Do Phyletic Lineages Evolve from the Bottom Up or Develop
from the Top Down?² ­ Dec. 1998). I struck up a correspondence with him
about this a few years ago. Perhaps his proposal of ³MacroDevelopment² has
been addressed here in the past. Before I bother bringing up some of his
³paradoxes² -- evidence that he says canıt be explained by neo-Darwinism but
can by his approach -- is anyone here already familiar enough with his
DeHaanıs ideas to tell me whatıs wrong with them? And am I correct in
assuming that his proposal is so far from the mainstream -- even from
evo-devo -- that no evolutionary biologist or paleontologist would give it a
second look?
Fred Heeren

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