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George this is a totally fair response. I am still waiting for any YEC
arguments who are not nonsense or a total ignoring of the evidence . Having
read Genesis Flood in 1971 I have been waiting a long time.

James asked me to consider Wise Chadwick and Ross, who simply wilfully
ignore all geological evidence in favour of great age. I note Wise unwisely
accepted the differential mobility of animals in the flood to explain the
fossil succession which is plain nonsense and Ross ignores age in his
article on the Cambrian explosion with Meyer.

Perhaps this explains the hostility evangelicals receive in academia. So
long as evangelicals spout nonsense then it is not surprising.

Yet I am not supposed to say all this.


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>> In the May issue of ICR's Acts and Facts, John Morris quotes from
>> Newsweek, Nov 3, 1997, where he says Astrophysicist John Bahcall said:
>> "...the universe's lights, contrary to astronomers' hunches, turned on in
>> one great burst."
>> John concludes with glee that this quote supports the "truth that God
>> created all the heavenly bodies on Day Four of Creation Week." and that
>> the Big Bang theory was "fizzling."
> .................................
> Here's a perfect example of why all the appeals that we not ridicule YECs,
> call them fools &c or (as Dembski would have it) regard them as just being
> off by a few orders of magnitude &c are so hard to observe. If Morris has
> made the slightest effort to find out what Bahcall is talking about, he
> knows that this has nothing to do with creation of the sun & moon in a 24
> hour period 72 hours after the beginning of the universe, & that it in no
> way casts doubts on the big bang. He is either a liar (in the precise
> sense of saying something he knows to be untrue) or an ignoramus (in the
> precise sense of the term - "an ignorant person; a vain pretender to
> knowledge; a dunce").
> Shalom
> George
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