RE: [asa] Dawkins, religion, and children

From: Blake J. Nelson <>
Date: Mon May 07 2007 - 23:23:46 EDT
Why don't you simply explain where you think Dawkins is mistaken?
That seems to be all anyone is questioning.
You did not answer any of my direct questions (which I am not sure made the
list), so for different reasons, I suspect that for whatever reason you are
simply being tendentious. People who don't answer direct and
straight-forward questions are often tendentious and often have particular
axes to grind.
Again, to make it simple, let's start with ONE question -- where do YOU
think Dawkins is wrong about Christianity or theism? Take your pick, but
please answer the question. (IMO, if you don't answer, there is clearly no
reason anyone should try to dialogue with you.)
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This is interesting, people doubt me being a Christian, consider me to
'lovingly' quote from Dawkins and now have resorted to insisting that I must
be brainwashed?
And for what reason do I deserve this interesting treatment?
I am glad to hear that there are indeed some on this list who seem to have
read Dawkins but then I wonder how the reach conclusions which do not seem
to follow from Dawkins' arguments. I am not sure what this conclusion is
that you reached independently from Plantinga, but let me assure you that
Plantinga is arguing quite a strawman here.
So far I am not impressed by plantinga's response which consists of some ad
hominem remarks, some fallacious claims, and a review of Dawkins' other book
rather than a review of the arguments made in TGD.
On 5/7/07, Iain Strachan <> wrote:
> On 5/7/07, PvM <> wrote:
> > As I have shown however, Dawkins argument is not presuming that
> > materialism is true, on the contrary. Plantinga is arguing a clever
> > strawman of his own creation here. Having read Dawkins, I do have to
> > admit that I may have some advantage here.
> Have you any idea how arrogant and presumptuous that sounds? You
> can't claim to have an advantage over me because I also have read
> Dawkins (and plenty of other people on the list have read him as well
> - how can you presume that you're the only one who's read him
> properly??). I've read The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker, River
> out of Eden, and, as of today around 180 pages of The God Delusion,
> including the central chapter on "Why God almost certainly does not
> exist". I arrived at precisely the same conclusion as Plantinga
> independently - that the probability argument only works if you treat
> God as part of the material universe. Dawkins wants to show that God
> can only have arisen via an evolutionary process - a completely
> ludicrous idea unless you insist that God is only a part of the material
> You can't claim superiority because you've read Dawkins and I haven't.
> I've read it with just as much care as you have, and I've come to a
> different conclusion to you - that his argument is a load of baloney.
> Others have pointed out your apparent brainwashing. I agree with them.
> Iain
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