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Date: Mon May 07 2007 - 20:20:14 EDT

Knowing what a politician really thinks about evolution may be just as
tricky as knowing their belief in God. I don't know that our good
senator from Kansas or any of the others you listed fall into this
category, but quite a few politicians probably "believe" whatever their
most powerful or numerous constituency believes. So the cynic may
conclude that the only effective way to reach them is with your voter
hat on. Regarding their real knowledge on the issue, I'm sure they are
like most of the public -- only a lot more posture-conscious.


"The modern ignorance is in people's assumption that they can outsmart
their own nature. It is in the arrogance that will believe nothing that
cannot be proved, and respect nothing it cannot understand, and value
nothing it cannot sell." --from "The Memory of Old Jack" by Wendell Berry

Carol or John Burgeson wrote:
> This is NOT a politics post. It simply says that, even in this
> enlightened age, serious, respectable politicians still disbelieve in
> evolution.
> From the NY Times: "On one level the debate can be seen as a polite
> discussion of political theory among the members of a small group of
> intellectuals. But the argument also exposes tensions as could be seen
> Thursday night when 10 candidates for president were asked during
> their first debate whether they believed in evolution. Three ---
> Senator Sam Brownback
> <>
> of Kansas; Mike Huckabee
> <>,
> former governor of Arkansas; and Representative Tom Tancredo
> <>
> of Colorado --- indicated they did not. "
> These are not "dumbbells." How can we get the message to them?
> Burgy

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