Re: [asa] Event or process

From: David Buller <>
Date: Mon May 07 2007 - 16:03:20 EDT

First of all, it is important to draw the distinction between a "man" and a
"human." When the Bible talks of men, it is clearly referring to humans
that have souls. When I scientist talks about early humans, he is talking
about earthly creatures that did not have a soul; at least if you accept a
recent Adam, which I would do.

My position would be that humans were created by an evolutionary process.
During this time, I accept that they began to have religious tendencies,
although I would not say that they had a soul or an afterlife. However, I
believe that the infusion of a soul was a miraculous event. In other words,
during their evolution, I believe that humans began to have religious
tendencies, although they were still "animals" in a biblical sense, not men.

I do not at all see how a soul could be created by "a continuous function
over a span of time." How could a human/man have a half of a soul? What
would happen to a human/man that had a partially evolved soul when he died?
If human is a "black area" and man is a "white area," I really do see any
room for a "gray area." However, if you think of a non-religious humans as
"black area" and religious humans (not man, no soul) as "white area," I
could certainly imagine some "gray area," as religious tendency does not
bring a human "part way" to the afterlife. There are many people today who
are religious, although their religous tendencies will not get them to

All that being said, I would view the creation of humans as process
creation. I would view the creation of man as process (from his material
link to early humans) and event (the creation of a soul).

My view is of course only one of many. I look forward to reading the other

-David Buller

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