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Date: Sun May 06 2007 - 18:39:28 EDT

This is definitely something that should cause those on the opposite side of
YEC to at least give some pause for consideration. I agree wholeheartedly
with integrity in science, but frankly I haven't found a comprehensive
theological explanation which I feel upholds the absolute integrity of
scripture, to the same degree that some on this list want to yield to
absolute integrity in science. I can see a number of good arguments, I can
accept or tentatively accept certain parts of them, but none that
demonstrate the kind of inner peace and assurance that I would be
comfortable defending as "absolute truth". I know many of you have found
the interpretation which gives you a good comfort level (and I note that
they often disagree with one another at various key points), and I don't
criticize for that. But we do need to realize that with the average
Christian, arguing for an interpretation which (appears to) compromise key
elements of Biblical truth, in favor of "integrity in science", just doesn't
carry much weight with many who aren't scientists, especially.
And we need to also realize that many non-YEC views can be equally
criticized for lacking "integrity in science", including various old-earth
interpretations of Genesis 1, various local flood theories, etc. Partly
that may depend on who's evaluating the argument as well. So it's not a
simple demarcation of YEC vs. non-YEC.
Jon Tandy

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Bob writes

I'm one with Ted on
"the integrity of science" issue. If a conclusion from RATE that radioactive

decay rates have changed, and the only reason for such a conclusion is
because a young earth requies it (something suggested in the preface to the
RATE volume), then the integrity of science is thrown out the window.

I agree with Bob and Ted that the integrity of science needs to be upheld.
I'm concerned though, that when we criticize YEC for not upholding the
integrity of science, some YEC's may misinterpret this as meaning that we
care only about the integrity of science. As Christians we uphold integrity
in all areas of life. We need to make that clear.

Bill Hamilton
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