Re: [asa] Denyse's advice [moderator comment]

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Sun May 06 2007 - 14:06:24 EDT

Dick Fischer wrote:
> Terry Puhleeze,
> lighten up!

Recently I was visiting a friend at a Presbyterian church with a
minister of Scottish background. When he heard that I attend a CRC
church, as does Terry I think, he said he found the CRC very dour.

Talk about the kettle calling the pot black.


    1. Marked by sternness or harshness; forbidding: a dour,
self-sacrificing life.
    2. Silently ill-humored; gloomy: the proverbially dour New England
    3. Sternly obstinate; unyielding: a dour determination

As someone of Scots background I pronounce it to rhyme with sour and it
is often said in a grudging sort of compliment somewhat like Finnish
sisu which means very obstinate and unyielding, beyond pig headed and is
how the Finns fought off the Russians and some of the time anyway the
Germans as well, and were the only country bordering on Russia proper
that was not a completely controlled satellite after WWII. The Finns
called the Russians their brothers but then privately would say "You can
choose your friends".

Our church was anything but dour this am as the sermon was on Psalm 150
and the music today had a real beat, something that one raised mostly in
Africa appreciates, where sometimes complex beat is almost the whole of
the music.

If you are reading this, Denyse please note that I went to church last
Sunday, this Sunday and God willing will be there next Sunday. The two
Sundays prior I was house bound with chest flu so please get your facts
right next time.

Dave W

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