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From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Sat May 05 2007 - 18:38:59 EDT

On May 5, 2007, at 4:15 PM, wrote:

> At any rate, I'd hesitate to judge Behe because I can imagine that
> I would have to be a lot more careful (and strategic) about what I
> said if
> I were testifying as an expert witness in a court of law. It seems
> largely
> a very different world.
> by Grace we proceed,
> Wayne

That's an important point to make. In the past, I have heard 911
tapes where the people were incoherent on them and thinking what was
their problem? A couple of weeks ago during a choir rehearsal the
sound person went into a grand mal seizure. I called 911 and I was
just as incoherent and the operator had to remind me over and over
please answer yes or no. I finally put an MD on and he was much
better on the line. We really cannot predict how we are going to
behave in stressful situations like giving court testimony.

My father was an expert witness in product liability cases and one
time during the middle of the trial he discovered the opposite side's
expert was a fraud. He told this to the lawyer. That lawyer did
nothing which confused my dad. The lawyer explained that given that
the expert wasn't a real expert he could twist him more in cross.
Sneaky lawyers.

Bottom line. We should cut Dr. Behe some slack here. Thanks for the
helpful reminder.

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