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>>> "Michael Roberts" <> 5/5/2007 3:54
PM >>>
I would suggest that the problem is not YEC views as such, but rather
those who hold them relate to fellow Christians who do not, and the way
so often YEC views are presented without regard to scientific integrity
with a refusal to listen to criticisms however well-justified.

I am afraid I cannot think of one YEC writer who does not litter
work with scientific error, which has not been well and truly
by others many years ago. In all his years Henry Morris continued to
the same inaccurate stuff, despite have been called to task for his
innumerable inaccuracies for 50 years. And now John Morris produces the
inaccuracies. The same for all of ICR and AIG and their British
How about Kurt Wise, whom Ted mentioned
Art Chadwick (he may be old earth but he likes the flood model) who
showed that pollen grains found by some YEC in the Grand canyon were
How about Marcus Ross who just got a Phd in paleontology?
Yes there are some YEC's whose science is terrible and I am not fond of
the ICR crowd - but that fact that you can not think of one and I can
quickly come up with three who work with integrity in science and could
come up with more shows a prejudice on your part.
Personal integrity is also important as well
Amen brother.

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