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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Sat May 05 2007 - 16:54:59 EDT

I tend to agree with George and Burgy (though as a member of CIS and not the
ASA and note that at least 9 members of the ASA are on the editorial board
of the CIS journal).

I would suggest that the problem is not YEC views as such, but rather how
those who hold them relate to fellow Christians who do not, and the way that
so often YEC views are presented without regard to scientific integrity and
with a refusal to listen to criticisms however well-justified.

I am afraid I cannot think of one YEC writer who does not litter his/her
work with scientific error, which has not been well and truly contradicted
by others many years ago. In all his years Henry Morris continued to pump
the same inaccurate stuff, despite have been called to task for his
innumerable inaccuracies for 50 years. And now John Morris produces the same
inaccuracies. The same for all of ICR and AIG and their British

Surely one cannot tolerate stuff like this?

Personal integrity is also important as well

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> George Murphy wrote (May 3): " In fact, I think the organization (ASA)
> can barely tolerate YEC views if it is going to maintain its integrity.
> & if anyone thinks that's disrespectful, condescending, or any of those
> other words that have been tossed around here, too bad. It's time to
> stop pussyfooting."
> I'd express it more strongly, while agreeing with George. To the extent
> the ASA tolerates the misuse of science and logic and the YEC views by
> ICR, AIG etc. it undermines its credibility to say anything useful in
> science-religion debates.
> And the toleration the ASA expresses is not inconsequential.
> Burgy
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