[asa] Thomas Torrance, Neo-orthodoxy and Evangelicalism

From: David Opderbeck <dopderbeck@gmail.com>
Date: Fri May 04 2007 - 17:19:09 EDT

I've been reading Torrance's "Reality and Evangelical Theology" and eating
it up. Would anyone know how evangelicals dialogue with Torrance? Would
Torrance be considered an "evangelical" (whatever that exactly means, I
guess)? Would he be considered neo-orthdox, or paleo-orthodox? Obviously I
know of his connections with Barth and of Alister McGrath's connections with
Torrance. Are there any treatments of Torrance by American evangelical

(Sorry Terry, I know I'm over 4 posts but I had to put this up before I
forgot to ask. :-))

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