Re: [asa] On ID, TE, and culture wars

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Fri May 04 2007 - 13:57:17 EDT

I must ask, Janice, as a prominent biblical figure did, What is truth? But
he didn't stick around for an answer, whereas I will.

It's crucial IMO to distinguish between (a) what God knows to be the case;
and (b) what we merely think God knows to be the case. Contrary to what
some may think, this is not a relativist view of truth, any more than
"critical realism" in science is a relativist view of truth. Truth exists,
but we must be very cautious about identifying it with our ideas, pure and
simple. The problem with culture "wars," IMO, is that Truth is often
killled or missing in action--or, taken prisoner by the opposite side. If
something is True, it ought to be admitted whether or not it supports one's
political, theological, or metaphysical view. I don't see that happening
often in this particular instance of warfare.


>>> Janice Matchett <> 05/04/07 12:32 PM >>>

At 09:23 AM 5/4/2007, Ted Davis wrote:
>...The biggest problem with ID, as I see it, is the inability to
>separate ID from the politics of the "culture wars." ~ Ted

@ Most non-scientists who hold to an orthodox biblical worldview
believe that a higher intelligence is behind creation. They make no
distinction between "ID" and "id", and they will not take seriously
any scientist who doesn't also believe that there is a higher
intelligence behind creation. End of story.

Eugenie Scott, E.O. Wilson, -- admitted members of the
secular/scientific humanist/atheistic communities -- will get nowhere
with those who understand this bottom line:

" the end, that is what the culture war is _ really _ about:
objective truth vs. nihilism."

~ Janice

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