Re: [asa] On ID, TE, and culture wars

From: <>
Date: Fri May 04 2007 - 12:30:11 EDT

Quoting Ted Davis <>:

> The bottom line, for me, is that I believe what I believe, without regard
> to the categories we sometimes quite artificially impose on people and their
> ideas/beliefs. IMO, the culture wars seem to require "proofs" to support a
> particular agenda and to oppose the equally shrill claims of Dawkins and
> company. In culture wars, those who sit in the middle of the road tend to
> end up as roadkill. I suggest that drivers are often responsible for what
> they hit, particularly if it doesn't just jump in front of you around the
> next bend in the road. A little more delicacy in navigation might leave
> some more of the truth alive.
> Ted

Either roadkill --- or perhaps more accurately: "crossfire". The non-shrill
ones get caught in the crossfire between those hunkered in the trenches. The
question then could be, is it "friendly" fire or hostile fire that pummels you?
 & what happened to science (let alone truth) in all this? sigh. Do you think
ASA could get group therapy rates?


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