Re: [asa] Another Nice Bashing Post from Denyse O'Leary

From: David Buller <>
Date: Thu May 03 2007 - 17:09:37 EDT

On 5/3/07, Donald F Calbreath <> wrote:
> The discussion about preparing homeshooling materials has been somewhat
> humorous, because nobody in the discussion seems to understand why many
> Christians homeschool. The movement is particularly strong here in the
> state of Washington, and I have been involved with homeschooling groups for
> years. The materials you want to develop would get absolutely nowhere with
> parents and students - they can send their kids to public schools if they
> want them indoctrinated with the evolutionary ideas that would be put forth.

Just as a comment, because I believe that after nine years of homeschooling
I *do* have a pretty good idea of why many Christians homeschool. Also,
many of my friends homeschool or go to Christian schools, and many families
in my church homeschool as well. I disagree that it is simply a matter of
"evolution in the public schools, creationism in the homeschools." My
parents didn't want to send me to a public school because of the warped view
of morality and also because of the anti-God attitudes that often prevade
it. They decided to homeschool so that my siblings and I could get a
Christian-centered education complete with Bible classes. That being said,
I really don't think that it had nearly as much to do with the actual
science of paleontology, biology, evolution, and geology, even though my
parents accepted YECism.

Homeschooling parents often think that the choice of "creation or evolution"
is a simple matter of "atheism or theism." Donald says that OEC/TE
materials would get "absolutely nowhere," but I disagree. If parents could
be shown a more rigorous scientific alternative that is faithful to
Scripture, I'm sure that many would eat it up. Donald says that if you're
going to be taught evolution, you might as well go to public schools. I
think that there's a little more to object to public schools than just
evolution, no matter what you believe.

-David Buller

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