Re: [asa] Denyse's advice

From: David Buller <>
Date: Thu May 03 2007 - 16:56:31 EDT

 I can't help but agree with Ted and some others that there ought to be a
little more restriction on the list. Here's an additional suggestion. You
know the link for the discussion group in the drop-down menu on the asa main
page? Maybe on the page that that brings up (where you can access the
archives) should at least have some sort of disclaimer, so that someone
perusing the archive to find out about ASA would be misled by some of the
comments there.

This is not, of course, meant to say that Denyse is merely a victim of not
understanding the open nature of this list. For heaven's sake, if she has a
problem with Pim, she shouldn't attack all of ASA for it! As if the rest of
us agree with Pim. She should certainly know that anyone can subscribe to
the list, even non-members. After all, didn't she say that *she* was a

-David Buller

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