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Date: Thu May 03 2007 - 12:07:19 EDT

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> > As I pointed out one may of course define God to be simple but that
> > does not solve the problem raised by ID that complexity requires a
> > more complex entity.
> > Calling God simple is just a simplistic way of defining away the
> > problem of explanation.
> > How is the complexity/simplificity of God determined? And how does it
> > rely on materialism?
> Could it be that "the problem raised by ID" is spurious?
> While I have stressed mostly philosophical reasons for divine simplicity,
there are also Biblical ones such as God as spirit. So, if ID concludes that
the intelligent designer is necessarily complex then it is safe conclude
that the "god" of ID is not the God of the Bible. Or to put it differently
this is not a "problem raised by ID" but a "problem with ID". This is a good
thing because I believe that Scripture points to divine simplicity. [Please
note: while a number of people have raised issues with respect to the
Trinity, note also the classical formulation of one essence and three
persons. Divine simplicity deals with the essential nature of God and not
the personal.] Ironically, the atheist is the one arguing for the Biblical
God while the Christians are not. Things to consider here:

1. Is it a valid inference from ID that the intelligent designer is
necessarily complex? If this is not true than this whole thing is a tempest
in a teapot -- both Richard Dawkins' and my argument.
2. Is complexity or simplicity -- called design elegance in engineering --
the hallmark of design?
3. Are complexity and probability linked? If so, are either computable
without a posteriori cherry picking?

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