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At 09:24 AM 5/3/2007, Rich Blinne wrote:
>"...Note the recently-released technical summary of the IPCC that
>didn't get manipulated by the politicians: ..." Rich B.

@ Speaking of ... Here are a couple of amusing excerpts from
the Jan/Feb999 issue of the ASA newsletter:
Global Warming & Politics
by Trevor Lewis

I read with considerable interest a statement on ground temperature
measurements in the article entitled "Wright, Olson Fuel Thoughts on
Earth" in the March/April edition [of the ASAN] which arrived
yesterday. I have been one of several researchers around the world
inverting underground temperatures in order to obtain past ground
surface temperatures (GSTs), which are physically coupled to surface
air temperatures. Various procedures for doing the inversions have
been developed and tested.

In many areas such as Alaska's north slope, central eastern Canada,
and the American mid-continent, the GST obtained by inverting
borehole temperatures has increased over the last century. Some, if
not most, of this observed increase is due to land development, such
as permanent deforestation. Kelin Wang and I have a paper in press on
this subject in the February, 15 [1998] issue of Geophysical Research Letters.

The period during which forests were cleared in southern Ontario to
create agricultural land is the time when the GST increased in the
surrounding region. This is probably true in other regions as well.
The heat used in transpiration to evaporate the ground water which
flows up the trunks of trees is a significant part of the energy
budget. When trees are cut down, this extra water is added to the
runoff. In the Amazon, where significant amounts of forest have been
cleared, hydrologists find the stream flows have increased by the
equivalent of 25 to 30 cm of precipitation per year.

Many of the sites for which past GSTs are being obtained have been
influenced by land development. Unfortunately the very act of
establishing a standard meteorological station (creating a flat
grassed area) disturbs many a site, and warms a previously forested
site! Most of us engaged in this research did not realize initially
the significance of site disturbances. Previously I co-authored a
paper on the amount of warming in British Columbia, whereas ___now I
know___ that at undisturbed sites in the Canadian Cordillera there
has been ___insignificant warming over the last century____. In North
America there is a geographical variation in the observed climatic warming.

Some of the warming ___previously attributed to___ increases in
greenhouse gases from industrial sources probably is due to land development.

The Canadian government has accepted the fact that greenhouse gases
are the cause of climatic warming, ___as a matter of faith__, as the
Globe and Mail says.

This comes back to Olson's argument of the political process rolling
on. Politicians do not understand scientific methods, and expect a
definitive answer by the time they specify, not when we are ready and
able to answer.

Trevor Lewis is a research scientist at the Geological Survey of
Canada: Pacific, Pacific Geoscience Centre, Box 6000 (9860 West
Saanich Road), Sidney. BC, V8L 4B2, Canada; tel. (250) 363-6565;
<;>; Website:
<;/>; and at Sidney Geophysical
Consultants, Ltd., 1107 Maple Road, Sidney, BC, V8L 5P5.

Politics & Environment
Artificial intelligence researcher and **Unabomber victim David
Gelernter is vociferous about environmentalism. He wrote an opinion
piece in The New York Post (August 27, 1998, Thursday, Post Opinion;
p. O37) under the headline, "Religious Leaders' New False Idol; Is
Environmental Hypochondria An Excuse To Avoid Their Real Jobs?"
Gelernter wastes no time signaling his position about ecclesial
backing of the UN Kyoto Protocol:

The protocol commits rich nations such as the United States to fight
global warming by sharply reducing the amount of carbon dioxide we
vent to the atmosphere. Roman Catholic bishops and many southern
conservatives are not on board; Orthodox Jewish groups (as far as I
know) are likewise uncooperative. But the rest of our religious
mainstream seems to have endorsed Kyoto - thereby executing a
startling one-two combination punch that slams science and religion
simultaneously, by subordinating both to cheesy politics.

The U.S. Constitution (Art. VI) gives ratified treaties the force of
law, so that domestic goals of the federal administration which stand
no chance of passing as legislation can be advanced through the treaty route.

Gelernter further opines:

Granted, global warming might turn into an actual, confirmed problem
some day. In the meantime, we face an actual, confirmed problem right now.

Our natural environment is in good shape, but our spiritual
environment is in steep decline. And with every passing year, our
religious leadership seems to care less about religion.

While ASA addresses the science-religion interface, the political
aspect of this and other issues continue to grow in significance. The
range of viewpoints expressed within ASA on environmental issues, in
the context of a common commitment to the Gospel, helps to sharpen
our discernment on this matter, and to inform non-ASAers of its
multiple dimensions.

Political scientists in ASA are likely to have an increasing
contribution to make to this issue, as it engages the interest and
use of the international elite in influencing global economics.

** Una-Bomber, Ted Kuzinsky had a copy of Algore's book, "Earth in
the Balance" in his cabin when he was captured.

In the "On the Prowl" section, the June American Spectator reported:
"FBI agents on the scene are telling colleagues they were amused
when, while tearing apart the shack of suspected Unabomber Ted
Kaczynski, they came upon Al Gore's 1992 eco-tract, Earth in the
Balance. Many sections were underlined in pencil, and there were
copious notes in the margins. Why wasn't Gore among the handful of
titles listed in press references to the 80 or so books found in the
cabin? The FBI and Justice Department haven't commented publicly, but
some agents assume the title was clearly suppressed to avoid

~ Janice ..... The Algore Mental Health Page: Al Gore or the
Unabomber - who said it?

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