Re: [asa] another addition to my reading list

From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Thu May 03 2007 - 04:03:11 EDT

On 5/3/07, David Buller <> wrote:
> Well, my reading list for this summer is now into the thousands of pages,
> and I just bought another book. It's Weiner's *The Beak of the Finch*.
> So far it is very good. The quality of the writing is very high; I can see
> why it won a Pulitzer. Are you all familiar with it.
> Here's a question for you. I would like to get a good, non-atheistic book
> on evolution that is up to date and all encompassing this summer. I'd like
> to have it as a reference for while I'm at Bob Jones University. BJU does
> teach the science of evolution, though, even though they reject its
> validity.

I thought "Darwin in the Genome - molecular strategies for evolution", by
Lynn Caporale was pretty good. Unlike Dawkins, Caporale just sticks to the
science. In her preface she is aware that it may provoke religious debate,
but only says that what she knows about evolution (connectedness of all
living things) is compatible with all the major religions.

The book contains some radical thinking about evolutionary strategies that
themselves may have been selected for, at the molecular level. It sounds
like it should be right up your street.

Furthermore, it does more to explain some of the more difficult challenges
that ID has thrown up than Dawkins ever has. Beware ... also the level of
scientific detail is much greater than Dawkins's stuff. Though it is a
popular science book, the complexities are formidable.

You can get it on Amazon.


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