[asa] Arctic melt worse than predictions

From: Dave Wallace <wdwllace@sympatico.ca>
Date: Wed May 02 2007 - 19:06:19 EDT

Arctic sea ice is melting at a rate far quicker than predicted by climate

change computer models and could disappear completely before the middle of

the century, scientists have warned.

The study, published in the latest edition of the journal Geophysical

Letters, found that the actual rate at which summer sea ice had shrunk per

decade during the past 50 years was more than three times faster than an

of 18 of the most highly-regarded climate simulations.


This is not a good way for the models to be wrong as it probably will
work as positive feedback until the ice is all gone. As the albedo goes
down the temperature goes up which in turn melts the ice faster and faster.

Dave W

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