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Randy is apparently still offline, but I was at the same meeting as Randy and other ASA'ers Barbara Pursey, and Phina Borgeson (who wrote the article). If you get a chance to hear David S. Wilson, I would recommend doing so. Though a nonbeliever, he is very respectful of religion, loves talking about it, and will ask questions that will make you think. He will also actually listen [I mean really listen] to what you say. I'm not a biologist, but my impression is that he has almost single-handedly made group selection a respectable topic again.
I do think that he imports values into his system that are not inherent in it, and thus some of his ideas could be mis-used. And if he is correct that evolution has led to religion, well it's also then led to science, and art, and everything else we do, including our studies of evolution. If evolution has led us to desite a god, Wilson seems to be on the verge Augustine's comment (which I am badly paraphrasing) that we are not content until we rest in Him. Seems like a no-brainer to me.
Karl V. Evans
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Randy, was this the presentation by David Sloan Wilson that you attended? If so, what was your impression?

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Evolutionary theories addressed at ecumenical roundtable
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