Re: [asa] Dawkins, religion, and children

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Tue May 01 2007 - 08:57:34 EDT

At 08:35 AM 5/1/2007, PvM wrote:
>Haha very funny Janice. Of course, nothing much to support the
>existence of or our ability to recognize absolute truths. Happy May Day. ~ Pim

@ "...But if truth is relative and perception is reality, then no
one's ideas about the world are any better than anyone else's. Fact
is reduced to opinion, and conformity to opinion is ultimately
maintained by the group or institution that has the power to enforce
its version of reality. Ironically, this achieves the opposite effect
intended by its liberal proponents. That is, if we cannot judge the
merit of competing ideas by assessing their value in light of an
absolute standard, then either everyone will have their own private
truth, or truth will be enforced by the state or some other powerful
collectivity. On college campuses, no one is unsophisticated enough
to believe that truth exists; however, you'd better not utter the
wrong truth, or you will come face to face with the Fist that
enforces absolute horizontal relativism. ..."

Those who are emotionally able to handle it, may read the rest of it

~ Janice

>On 5/1/07, Janice Matchett <> wrote:
>> At 01:05 PM 4/30/2007, PvM wrote:
>>Excellent point. Let me also point out that "But a democracy mediated by
>>mere animal-men will sooner or later lead to the Reign of the Beast. " is
>>contradicted by science showing how such communities arise and are
>>maintained. Religion historically may have been a way of mediating these
>>communities, but would it not be fascinating if religion evolved as a side
>>effect of community's and individual's survival? In fact, that many
>>cultures have found different expressions of their religious faith, seems to
>>further show that the role of religion may be one of mediation more than
>>about 'absolute truths'. After all, how do we recognize absolute truths? Not
>>that we have not tried, often with very limited success. ~ Pim
>> @ Some aren't emotionally (or spiritually) able to recognize absolute
>>truths yet. Here's a test you can take to find out if you're among those
>>who aren't able to:
>> Dr. Sanity's moral Rorschach Test
>> ~ Janice ...."If one is going to engage in comparative religion, one needs
>>to exit history and take a martian's-eye view of the situation. From that
>>much wider trans-historical viewpoint, the Judeo-Christian tradition emerges
>>not as religion, but the cure for religion--including the religion of
>>atheism or "secularism." Allow me to explain..."

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