Re: [asa] Dawkins, religion, and children

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Tue May 01 2007 - 08:09:32 EDT

At 01:05 PM 4/30/2007, PvM wrote:

>Excellent point. Let me also point out that "But a democracy
>mediated by mere animal-men will sooner or later lead to the Reign
>of the Beast. " is contradicted by science showing how such
>communities arise and are maintained. Religion historically may have
>been a way of mediating these communities, but would it not be
>fascinating if religion evolved as a side effect of community's and
>individual's survival? In fact, that many cultures have found
>different expressions of their religious faith, seems to further
>show that the role of religion may be one of mediation more than
>about 'absolute truths'. After all, how do we recognize absolute
>truths? Not that we have not tried, often with very limited success. ~ Pim

@ Some aren't emotionally (or spiritually) able to recognize
absolute truths yet. Here's a test you can take to find out if
you're among those who aren't able to:

Rorschach Test

~ Janice ...."If one is going to engage in comparative religion, one
needs to exit history and take a martian's-eye view of the situation.
 From that much wider trans-historical viewpoint, the Judeo-Christian
tradition emerges not as religion, but the cure for
religion--including the religion of atheism or "secularism." Allow me
to explain..."

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