[asa] ID and Law and Order

From: Jack Haas <haas.john@comcast.net>
Date: Sat Mar 31 2007 - 09:31:30 EDT

ID and popular culture met last evening on an episode of "Law and
Order," a series
that often deals with significant issues, This time it was the
teaching of evolution
in a "so-called' christian school. A demand that ID be included led to
the murder of
the teacher by the fanatical father of a female student in his class.
Some interesting legal
issues were skirted when the girl, who had been discovered taking the "pill"
by her father, said she was involved with the biology teacher to hide
the fact that it
was her guidance counselor who was the nasty guy. Some christian
school! So dear old dad offs the
the teacher and admits his guilt when he discovers his daughter's
duplicity. [fade to credits]

The ID/evolution/education/religious belief dialog were mostly addressed
with the rhetoric of
the newspaper headline.

Jack Haas ASA Media reporter

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