Re: [asa] Does ASA believe in Adam and Eve?

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Fri Mar 30 2007 - 19:15:28 EDT

Phil et al -

I think your argument is the best has been presented here against my position. What you seem to to be suggesting is that the scoffers in question are arguing for the uniformity of nature & against miraculous interventions. I'll leave it to the historians to decide how likely that is ~ A.D. 100. I would have to ask why the author has chosen the flood as a counterexample instead of many of the other miraculous interventions that could be gathered from the OT. Why the flood, which is at least in some ways comparable to the destruction of the world that he's arguing for, instead of some other disruption of the regularity of natural process such as (e.g.) Elisha's floating ax head.?

On your following post: It's worth noting Herodotus' qualification when he reports the circumnavigation of Africa: "which I do not myself believe."


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