Re: [asa] Does ASA believe in Adam and Eve?

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George, this was your quote that started this portion of the thread: "To note just one point, the way in which II Peter 3:5-7 uses the story of the flood to argue for the possibility of the destruction of "the present heavens and earth" makes no sense if the writer of II Peter did not think of the flood as affecting the whole world."

Did you forget that we were talking about v 5-7, not just verse 4?

 v7 "By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men." (NIV)

The KJV, NAS, new KJV also all use the word judgment. I doubt you think that all of those translators are wrong, so you must be trying to make some obscure point, that has deviated from your original point. This passage is clearly about judgment. Despite the appearance of being erudite, it is getting to the point where your posts defy common sense.
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  1) You apparently don't know the difference between what a biblical text says & theological deductions drawn from it.

  2) It should have given you some pause when I had to point out that you'd misquoted the text to bring the word "judgment" into it. You apparently had formed your interpretation of the text before reading it carefully. You ought to practice a little introspective Tendenzkritik.


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