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From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Wed Mar 28 2007 - 16:06:21 EDT

Thank you Ted and others for clarification. It seems
to me that some subset of Ted's and others remarks should be placed on
the web site, where instructions as how to become part of the list serve
are located. A few guidelines about etiquette on the list also would
not hurt. We could ask people to obtain permission before publicly
copying text from the achieves. Recently I have been going back thro
some of the achieves and finding things of interest to me. When I find
something I copy the text into a text data base for quick personal

I can see that a members only forum could be helpful at least for some
topics. However, having the listserv publicity available seems useful
and wise. I had subscribed to PSCF for many years but never joined. I
am an engineer and mathematician by training and a programmer (retired)
at IBM, by profession and the major areas of discussion did not seem
very relevant to my field of expertise although I was interested.
Lurking on the list and then occasionally participating changed my mind.
  Just to clarify I held to an old earth view, but was agnostic about
acceptance of evolution vrs some form of special creation extended over
time including some amount of evolutionary change. A copy of Bernard
Ramm's book was in my dad's library when I was in high school, so I
never really got deeply into YEC, thus some of the less than diplomatic
comments on the list about YEC and or ID did not alienate me in any way.
  However, I do wish we had some medium of discussion that people who
hold YEC and ID positions would find less offensive. I'm not saying
that we should not call a spade a spade but sometimes we call it a
manure fork, which can be unnecessarily offensive and yes I can be
guilty too. This list serves a very useful purpose more or less as is,
so some other mechanism would be needed.

Dave W
(I expect to be away from email for a couple of weeks.)

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