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Date: Wed Mar 28 2007 - 14:49:40 EDT

Tipler's quoted abstract:

> But in the last several decades, many outstanding
> physicists have complained that their best ideas -- the very ideas
> that brought them fame -- were rejected by the refereed journals.
> Thus, prior to the Second World War, the refereeing process worked
> primarily to eliminate crackpot papers. Today, the refereeing process
> works primarily to enforce orthodoxy.

One very important point is that their ideas finally
did get recognized. Poor ideas are eventually forgotten.

How many great artists and musicians were recognized
for their contribution while they were living?

Being creative is certainly valued eventually, but maybe
it is too much to expect that creativity must be rewarded
equitably in this life.

At least you'll have peace; because it is certainly far better
to do something right and suffer grievously for it, than
to fritter a life away peddling pointless or even pernicious

by Grace we proceed,

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