Re: [asa] How big a deal is homology?

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Date: Tue Mar 27 2007 - 17:21:41 EDT

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> If evolution didn't happen, then God went through a lot of effort to
> make it look like it did.
> TG
> Terry

Darwin beat you to it!!

This is exactly the point Darwin made in his 1844 draft;

            I must premise that, according to the view ordinarily received,
the myriads of organisms, which have during past and present times peopled
this world, have been created by so many distinct acts of creation. . That
all the organisms of this world have been produced on a scheme is certain
from their general affinities; and if this scheme can be shown to be the
same with that which would result from allied organic beings descending from
common stocks, it becomes highly improbable that they have been separately
created by individual acts of the will of a Creator. For as well might it be
said that, although the planets move in courses conformably to the law of
gravity, yet we ought to attribute the course of each planet to the
individual act of the will of the Creator.[1]


[1] C Darwin The Essay of 1844, Works of Charles Darwin, vol. 10, p133/4


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