Re: [asa] Sternberg quote

From: <>
Date: Tue Mar 27 2007 - 08:46:00 EDT

> Having read some of the internal emails relating to the
>Sternberg matter,
> there's no doubt at all in my mind that some of his
>superiors were out to
> get him because of his creationist leanings. Simply no
>doubt at all. In my
> view, it's ludicrous to claim otherwise.

But is that discrimination against religion? He denies
being creationist first of all. But if he is a
creationist, with all of the pseudoscientific baggage that
brings, are they out of line to question Sternberg's

I think the scientists at the Smithsonian were simply
embarassed about the Meyer publication, and were angry at
Sternberg over it.

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