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From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Mon Mar 26 2007 - 23:14:35 EDT

>On 3/26/07, David Opderbeck wrote to Rich Blinne:
>>The exchange that followed was captured in passing during An
>>Inconvenient Truth. That whole meme in Inconvenient Truth is one of
>>the things that I really
>>disliked about the movie. Al Gore knows how the political game is
>>played. This isn't Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Grow up and get
>>real! Don't get me wrong -- I'm not suggesting it's "ok" that an
>>expert witness experiences political pressure concerning his
>>testimony. But let's not act shocked, shocked! that it
>>happens. It not only happens, it's routine. If you want to run
>>with the big dogs, you have to expect to get bit once in a while.

At 11:45 AM 3/26/2007, PvM wrote: That's such a sad testimony to the
political situation __in this country__. 'How the political game is
played'... Time for a change I'd say. ~ Pim

@ No doubt you were among those credulous babes-in-the-woods who
actually thought that the unconstitutional scam called,
"McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform" would actually "get the
money out of politics". No doubt you also believe that if we could
just elect one of those "basically good" people that you think
exists, he would force people do the "right thing" and utopia would
break out everywhere - like it has in __"other countries"__. :)

Before I go on --- first, to set the mood, a little Machiavelli ...
from, The Prince:

"A hypothesis is always preferable to the truth, for we tailor a
hypothesis to fit our opinion of the truth, whereas the truth is only
its own awkward self. Ergo, never discover the truth when a
hypothesis will do."

To continue ...

Global Warming

Doomsday grifters have run their scam a long time and they've never
lacked for chumps to bamboozle.

Hark!! One fine day in the year 156 A.D., in Phrygia (now part of
Turkey), the prophet Montanus suddenly reeled round and round and
keeled over into a trance in which he envisioned Christ's second
coming and the end of the world. Thenceforward, Montanus roamed the
dusty paths of Asia Minor, proclaiming to all who would listen that
doomsday lay just round the bend.

Montanus [who died about 225 in Asia Minor] gathered many disciples
[even after his death], among whom was one, Quintus Septimus Florens
Tertullianus, Tertullian went on to become a champion of Monantism
and a dynamic intellectual force and teacher in the early Christian church.

At the core of Tertullian's teachings lay his bitter admonition that
life in the 2nd century had become too extravagant, too wasteful, and
that population growth had run out of control. Mankind was raping the
Earth of its resources, he warned grimly "...we men have actually
become a burden to the Earth ... the Earth can no longer support us
..." And, to escape total planetary destruction, mankind had to
withdraw to the past and practice severe asceticism, living in a
simpler more natural state. Tertullian of Carthage (c. 160 - 225)

Fast-forward 1800 years...

[[ Algore of Carthage, TN ( 03/ 31/ 1948 - ) ]]


"....politically active scientists often produce computer models that
generate results amazingly concurrent with the scientists' political
agenda. Dr. Carl Sagan did it.


...[Speaking of Planet Crackpot today, how is Deepak Chopra, Jim
Wallace, AlGore, James Hansen,, any different from ] Dr. Paul
Ehrlich, the Grand Old Man of Eco-quackery?

[Quackery examples snipped] May be accessed

~ Janice

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