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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Mon Mar 26 2007 - 17:40:31 EDT

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From: "Donald F Calbreath" <>
> I would think that the members of ASA (ostensibly all Christians) would
> want to protest this blatant misuse of government power to silence someone
> who does not go along with the prevailing view of evolution. The Meyer
> paper went through appropriate peer-review. The persecution of Dr.
> Sternberg was based on a political and philosophical belief that "anything
> goes" when you disagree with someone (a practice I have been very
> disturbed to see on recent posts to this listserv). Or has ASA made
> acceptance of Darwinian evolution a part of the faith statement?

To say ASa is ostensibly all Christians is offensive to members of the ASA.
The only one I know who is not is Jonathan Wells a Moonie and of course ID.

Not all on the list are in the ASA, some like me are British and members of
Christians in Science, some are not members of either CIS or ASA and the ASA
cannot be blamed for their views.

Who are those who argue "anything goes"? On the whole most go with the ASA
consensus but it is open.

I don't think you are fair to this list or the ASA


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