Re: [asa] Cooney Testimony: A Study on What is Wrong with Science Policy

From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Mon Mar 26 2007 - 15:20:46 EDT

On 3/26/07, David Opderbeck <> wrote:
> *Government can and does choose to live in never-never land and how the
> current climate policy is being derived here reflects this. The stakes are
> too high and we need the most nimble and the most fact-based science
> policies ever. Top-down-only policy making simply will not work in this
> environment. *
> Rich -- I think you're right on here. This is one of the reasons I can't
> accept most of the proposals that have been floated so far -- they all are
> "top down," bureacratic, overly centralized, and subject to ossification and
> capture by special interests.

The difficulty of the problem is further amplified by the fact that this
happened with a president who has had business experience and a lawyer who
worked previously for a trade organization. The problem is that we cannot
merely throw up our hands because some things have to be done by government.
Perhaps the fact that states and municipalities are taking the lead here is
a good thing. CO2 knows no boundaries. It doesn't matter who solves the
problem as long as somebody does it. Lots of small solutions that work is
better than one large one that doesn't.

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