Re: [asa] Sternberg quote

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Mon Mar 26 2007 - 13:10:56 EDT

There's nothing wrong with focusing on some other area and
disregarding the question of origins in biology; in fact, the vast
majority of biologists do this.

There is other evidence suggesting that Sternberg might be a
creationist. He signed the Discovery Institute petition, though the
wording of it was so open-ended as to not actually require having any
objections to evolution. The DI petition called for thorough
investigation of evolution, which I would like to see as well, because
it might involve more funding for evolutionary studies and perhaps
even a few jobs for systematists. Sternberg also authored a paper on
baraminology a little while ago, suggesting that he is associated in
some fashion with creation science s.l.

My father, who is not especially up on ID, etc. spotted the Meyer
paper and asked me what it was about, as it sticks out conspicuously
from the normal fare for the journal.

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