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Date: Mon Mar 26 2007 - 08:56:48 EDT

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> Try to chase Janice away if you want -- but then also consider this.
> Our Sunday school discussion this morning was over global warming -- in
> fact, our discussion leader had a publication which was probably authored
> by you, George (how many George Murphys are writing on this?) although
> unfortunately we didn't actually delve into that. What we actually ended
> up discussing was the partisanship and division over this and why do some
> Christians (obviously none of us sitting there) are so adamant in their
> opposition.

Merv et al -

I haven't written much that's specifically on global warming for
publication, though I have on some other environmental issues & theology of
the environment in general. Just recently I did do a brief interview about
global warming for an online resource for Sunday School teachers called "The
Wired Word," so that may be what your discussion leader was referring to.


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