Re: [asa] Probability of Anthropic cause for Global Climate Warming

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Sat Mar 24 2007 - 15:58:42 EDT

Janice wrote
> As I have posted here before (see threads on "global dinmming", etc.),
> recent studies seem to indicate a much stronger *Urban Heat Island
> effect* than admitted to by the IPCC. Their estimated of a 0.05C
> contribution per century is almost laughable. Some of these new studies
> say that UHI could almost *account for most of the alleged rise over the
> past 3 decades.

So in your opinion is UHI something that needs to be addressed or do you
think we can safely ignore it? UHI is certainly a real phenomena that
can be observed when driving through big cities, especially in the
winter time. The question is how major an issue it is.

Do you accept that burning of fossil fuels in big cities is the cause of
pollution that seems to hand over large cities?

Dave W

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