[asa] Revelations of a Biological Abacus

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The new page "Revelations of a Biological Abacus" opens as follows:
"Over the past few years, a number of world-class scientists have reported the discovery of numerical patterns in the universal genetic code. Thus, from France (Boulay), Russia (Gusev and Petroukhov), Kazakhstan (shCherbak), Serbia (Rakocevic) and Algeria (Negadi) - none of whom can be assumed to espouse the Judeo-Christian cause - we hear of the reality of what must be widely regarded as interesting news. However, such news, when interpreted in the light of what has already been established in the pages of this site as hard fact, threatens to lead to some uninvited and serious consequences - not least, in man's understanding of who and what he is.

"This page focuses attention exclusively on the work of Vladimir shCherbak, as documented in his paper Arithmetic inside the universal genetic code*. However, before these significant findings can be offered to the eye of the general reader, it is necessary that certain relevant and generally accepted technicalities be briefly introduced and explained. Following this, all that remains is to allow the numbers to speak for themselves."

The page may be found at



*Biosystems Vol.70, Issue 3, August 2003, pp187-209

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