Re: [asa] The empirical basis of knowledge

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Fri Mar 23 2007 - 16:15:16 EDT

Iain Strachan wrote:
> To be honest, I'm not happy with the concept of "Knowledge", and the
> idea that you can KNOW something is right anyway. What does it mean?
> All it can mean is that a fact is determined to be true with probability 1.

I am not happy either with that kind of language. As a finite being I
think of all most all of our knowledge as having a probability
associated with it and that the probabilities are always less than 1 or
greater than 0. Even mathematical theorems, could have a reasoning error
is some step. Typically the probability I assign to knowledge is very
subjective, although the relative probabilities are probably fairly
good. When the probability gets very close to 1 then we say that we
know something but of course only God knows things absolutely for sure.

Dave W

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