Re: [asa] Live - Bore on Climate Change

From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Fri Mar 23 2007 - 14:13:21 EDT

On 3/23/07, Janice Matchett <> wrote:
> ~ Janice ... The fact that you choose to trust such intellectually
> dishonest manipulators is telling.

What you allude to something that we have all in common and strikes at the
core of what the ASA is all about. Namely, promoting integrity in science.
As I have studied this issue it has become increasingly clear that the
"science" behind the global warming deniers is not merely wrong but
fraudulent. We have the channel 4 "documentary" deceitfully manipulating
time scales on graphs and duping their interviewees to create quotes out of
context. (Speaking of controversial documentaries, I watched "An
Inconvenient Truth" for the first time last night on cable. For all the
complaints, I was expecting all sorts of errors and distortions but I was
pleasantly surprised. The only real thing that I caught was you cannot see
the Clean Air Act in an ice core. Al Gore did not predict that Florida would
be flooded in 2100. He showed what would happen if Greenland and Western
Antarctica melted which will happen eventually if we continue on "Business
as Usual". This is the scientific consensus. What is unclear is how fast it
will happen. When he talked about Katrina he showed what happened when
Katrina's intensity exploded when it hit the loop current in the Gulf of
Mexico to show what high SST does to hurricanes.) You have the proponents of
solar forcing as the prime mover of climate change declaring up down and
down up.

Randy, that's behind my recent proposal to ban any references to on this list. The ASA must never be an agent of scientific
fraud not only because we are scientists but more importantly because we are

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