Re: [asa] Mission to Sun shows turbulent magnetic field/NASA Finds Sun-Climate Connection in Old Nile Records

From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Fri Mar 23 2007 - 13:05:57 EDT

On 3/23/07, Janice Matchett <> wrote:
> At 12:27 PM 3/23/2007, Rich Blinne wrote:
> On 3/23/07, *Janice Matchett* < > found the usual
> garbage on
> Solar activity is currently at all-time high, with the intensity of
> incoming cosmic rays correspondingly low.
> I looked up GCR Climax data for end-of-year 2006. It's at 95% of the 1954
> maximum. Virgo irradiance data showed showed 1996 at 1365.5 W/m^2, peaked
> in 2002 at the MASSIVE 1367 W/m^2 and is now at 1365 W/m^2. (Here's the
> dirty little secret about solar irradiance. It varies with sunspots at about
> .1% variablility while CO2 has monotonically increased 35% since the
> industrial revolution with a slight annual variability. Some long term proxy
> studies suggest a millenial scale variablility with the irradiance 6-8 kya
> being noticibly HIGHER than it is now. See 2006 Beer et al Fig. 7
> ) There's a scientific term for the quote from above. A
> bald-faced lie.
> Let's look at Svensmark again. According to his hypothesis (not theory) If
> there is high GCR and low irradiance like we do now then we should have
> cooling. Did we? Nope. We had the warmest winter since records were kept
> even with El Nino shutting down in February. The last little tidbit is why
> the 2007 hurricane forecast just got bumped up because El Nino last year
> protected the Atlantic basin from some really bad hurricanes.
> If this is the kind of "quality" we consistently get where they cannot
> even keep track of where we are in the sunspot cycle, could we please add
> to the banned words list?
> *@ Point one: * You'll no doubt *blame me again* for the fact that
> you're confused - but the fact remains that you're not a careful reader or
> you would have known noticed that I plainly showed the article you're
> quoting didn't originate on FR - it originated here: *
> * <>

I'm not confused. You also quoted it as this: Why didn't you just
quote it this way in the first place when I have repeated asked you to do
so? Whatever. I have no problem with adding to the
banned list, too, if that is what you desire.

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