Re: [asa] Live - Bore on Climate Change

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Fri Mar 23 2007 - 12:16:54 EDT

At 11:51 AM 3/23/2007, PvM wrote:

>If naive means that I rely on solid scientific considerations and
>the clear fact that the public and the congress are warming up to this
>real problem, then indeed, I am guilty.

@ What "naive means" is that you keep insisting that the science
hasn't been politicized -- (therefore making it UNTRUSTWORTHY) -- in
spite of the fact that I show you constantly that such is the case.

Global Warming is "the ticket" that some think will propel them in
their next power grab for high office. Here it is again - PLAIN as
the nose on your face:

"...Based on...Gore's warning that we have about 10 years to address
global warming before "it's too late," might think a global
warming bill is imminent.

But .... Boxer [D-CA] doesn't want legislation this year, preferring
instead to have global warming as a campaign issue in 2008.,2933,260485,00.html

~ Janice ... The fact that you choose to trust such intellectually
dishonest manipulators is telling.

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