Re: [asa] Live - Bore on Climate Change

From: PvM <>
Date: Fri Mar 23 2007 - 11:51:49 EDT

On 3/23/07, Janice Matchett <> wrote:
> At 11:41 AM 3/22/2007, PvM wrote:
> ..It's good to see that not only the public has been warming up to global
> warming but that also the congress is finally willing to face up to this
> real
> problem. .."
> @ You reeally ARE _that_ naive, aren't you. :)

If naive means that I rely on solid scientific considerations and the
clear fact that the public and the congress are warming up to this
real problem, then indeed, I am guilty.
And yet, the alternative could be that I reached my position based on
ignorance of science and knowing this I would use meaningless ad
hominem arguments to further my 'arguments'.

Thank God.


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