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From: David Opderbeck <dopderbeck@gmail.com>
Date: Fri Mar 23 2007 - 09:54:51 EDT

I don't think we'll ever find a satisfying answer to this question, but
perhaps part of it is changing our perceptions about scale. I've mentioned
this before, but I find this reference I once found by an Iraqi helicopter
pilot fascinating. He was flying over Lake Thartaras:

  The pilot describes flying over Lake Thartaras follows: *"We were lucky
to fly over Lake Tharthar, the largest body of water in Iraq. Tharthar was
created by flooding a large basin containing a much smaller salt lake with
flood waters from the Tigris River. When we were out over the lake, all we
could see in every direction was water. I could have been flying over the
North Atlantic, the scene was the same." *

From our perspective, looking at a map of the middle east, Lake Thartaras is
a little blue dot. From the helicopter pilot's perspective, it was as
expansive as the North Atlantic.

 On 3/22/07, Bill Hamilton <williamehamiltonjr@yahoo.com> wrote:
> These posts have been fascinating. Thanks, Dick, Phil and George.
> On another (but related) subject: can we devise a suitable flood scenario?
> If the flood occurred in southern Mesopotamia as Dick's scenario suggests,
> what do we do about the depth and duration of the flood? Since the land is
> relatively flat in that region, the flood cannot have been very deep, and by
> the same token cannnot have lasted very long. Are we justified in concluded
> that the depth and duration of the flood are exaggerations typical of
> ancient near east literature? Are there other possible explanations? (I
> don't like Dick's view that Noah and his sons poled the ark upstream to the
> mountains of Ararat.)
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