[asa] Fw: What Jesus used on Palm Sunday

From: Michael Roberts <michael.andrea.r@ukonline.co.uk>
Date: Thu Mar 22 2007 - 15:18:34 EDT


 Try this from the ACG list courtesy of steve Dutch

The Noah's Ark cartoon has been around for a while and is cute and inoffensive. This one, which some of you may have seen, was posted in all seriousness on the Web site Conservapedia in their article on Dinosaurs. Once it came to general notice, it was quickly pulled, but not before a number of other sites preserved it for posterity. This is another "You Have To See It To Believe It" item. I am rapidly beginning to believe there is no limit to the stupidity out there on the Web. A picture of Jesus on a dinosaur is tame compared to some of the conspiracy theories sailing around.

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