Re: [asa] Does ASA believe in Adam and Eve?

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Wed Mar 21 2007 - 18:52:50 EDT

> It is well known that ASA once issued an unambiguous statement: 'We believe
> in creation!' Would ASA be willing to follow that important, courageous
> clarification up with a further statement: 'We believe in Adam and Eve!'?
> This is one of my main questions for all theistic evolutionists (TE's).

The posts illustrate but do not specifically enumerate the three main
categories of dealing with them. (Under consideration are those views
which seem to me to be Christian; other viewpoints might be both
theistic and evolutionary).

A. Adam and Eve are biologically and spiritually ancestors of all true
humans. Taking geological, genetic, etc. data seriously would then
put them back a few million years, which as other posts note, makes
for long gaps in the genealogies and assumes loss and regaining of the
technologies in Gen. 4.

B. A and E spiritually but not biologically ancestors of all true
humans. They were representatives selected out of an existing
population of biologically similar individuals. Allows dating them
anywhere between a few million and a few thousand years. Later dates
problematic with regard to apparently religious behavior, or other
features that would be expected to characterize spiritual humanity
happening earlier than Adam and Eve. Earlier dates problematic with
Gen. 4 technologies matching the Near East ca. 10000 BC and stretching

C. A and E exemplify the fact that humanity is spiritually fallen.
Not necessarily actual historical figures; the Fall not a unique event
but a valid description of human condition. Possibly every population
independently had equivalent events (essentially, many Adams and Eves
all chosing similarly); possibly a picture of the fall of every

A-B-C pose increasing challenges to harmonization with Biblical
statements that suggest A and E as physical and spiritual ancestors
and decreasing challenges of reconciliation with scientific data (due
to decreasing specificity on scientifically detectable issues).

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