Re: [asa] A Response to the BBC Documentary on The Great Warming Swindle-6

From: Merv <>
Date: Wed Mar 21 2007 - 13:59:02 EDT

This isn't a response to the main content of these posts which I haven't
read -- (even though I'm on spring break, my wife has a honey-do list
after all). But rather a response to the Wendell Berry quote adorning
the bottom. Did that come from Jayber Crow? I just finished that
book, and am finding a deep resonance with Berry's (I would say
prophetic) approach to life. While I probably can't follow where he
goes theologically (he doesn't care much for some of what Paul writes),
he is nevertheless steeped in Scripture and obviously writing under its

He (from what I have read of his so far) has an interesting take on
evolution. While he doesn't wade into (or reject) the science of it, he
seems to stand aloof. And he noted in one of his writings that he finds
it interesting that modern ag-industries seem to ignore all this modern
evolutionarily prodded wisdom regarding native adaptations of plant to
place, and instead apply the industrial "one-size-fits-all" approach to
farming -- a sort of arrogant brute force method that can be made to
appear successful by the use of heavy machinery and lots of gas and
chemicals. If others are interested in this, perhaps we can start a
different subject thread for it.


> "We are by nature creatures of faith, as perhaps all creatures are; we live by
> counting on things that cannot be proved. As creatures of faith, we must choose
> either to be religious or superstitious, to believe in things that cannot be
> proved or to believe in things that can be disproved."
> Wendell Berry

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