Re: [asa] Does ASA believe in Adam and Eve?

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Date: Tue Mar 20 2007 - 22:15:22 EDT

How was Adam's wife "the mother of all living" (Gen.3:20) if Adam wasn't the father of all living?

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  The ASA statement of faith references the historic Christian creeds, which don't, as far as I know, explicitly require a belief in Adam and Eve. So strictly speaking, I suppose you could be an ASA member without believing in Adam and Eve. Having said that, I will state that _I_ believe that there were specific persons Adam and Eve. In spite of the objections raised by Glenn, I like Dick Fischer's view that Adam lived in Mesopotamia about 7000 years ago. For reference, the objections raised by Glenn include

  1. Under Dick's scenario we are not all descended from Adam. Glenn sees that view as an excuse for racism. I don't, because of the many laws, commandments etc. given throughout Scripture detailing how we are to treat our fellow human beings

  2. Under Dick's scenario it's difficult to understand how a flood approaching the description of Genesis could have occurred (in southern Mesopotamia). I admit this is a difficulty, but that doesn't justify throwing out Dick's scenario

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  It is well known that ASA once issued an unambiguous statement: 'We believe in creation!' Would ASA be willing to follow that important, courageous clarification up with a further statement: 'We believe in Adam and Eve!'? This is one of my main questions for all theistic evolutionists (TE's).

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