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> Actually, I was one of the reviewers for that article and recommended
> publication, which they did.

I guessed that but it's not my place to say so.
> But Wells does what most do and that is to equate Adam with the first of
> the human race whereas his historical niche would place him at the head
> of the covenant race only. Just as Christ was the last of the old
> covenant, Adam was the first.
> Therefore, any revelations of human descent are irrelevant in respect to
> Genesis. However, if someone wishes to hang a name tag on a theoretical
> individual from whom all humans descended and have him live in Africa, I
> would suggest a naming contest to avoid the confusion with Adam the
> progenitor of the Jews. How about "Akimbo Outta Afrika"? That's my
> candidate.

As you know, I simply don't buy this. The ancestor of the "covenant race"
(to the extent that that's a valid concept) is Abraham. Accepting the
validity of Genesis as an historical account, there are many other peoples
decended from Noah, who of course is a descendant of Adam - see chapter 10.


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