RE: [asa] The empirical basis of knowledge

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Tue Mar 20 2007 - 09:25:03 EDT

At 06:38 AM 3/20/2007, Glenn Morton wrote:
> Maybe some others should read those atheist sites to see how
> epistemologically insecure their belief is.

@ To engage in "debate" with atheists is to fall into the trap of
agreeing with them that they KNOW ENOUGH to assume the possibility of
God in the first place.

I agree with Francis Collins when he said:

QUOTE: "You can't reason yourself all the way to faith. You can get
there to the sense of faith is more plausible than atheism and I
would argue that atheism is the least rational of all choices because
that assumes that you know enough to assume the possibility of God."
~ Francis Collins (former atheist)

~ Janice :)

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