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More on the Swindle and some excellent rebuttals of the poor science presented.

RealClimate: Swindled!

Addresses some of the more common misrepresentations

In the Green Deconstructing Channel 4's Great Global Warming Swindle:

The documentary had plenty of big names, and much name-dropping of
institutions and awards. The content, however, was riddled with old
half-truths and some straw man arguments thrown in for good measure.
The main content is summarized below, and annotated with comment and
links for better info. I would be happy to discuss any of my comments
here - feel free to make corrections, improvements, additions below.

Stoat: The use of Damon and Laut

Thanks to BG, we have a screen capture of the solar graph from the
silly "Swindle" prog; I've inlined it. Now this is nice, because it
says S+C as source. Which means we can look-up the ever useful Damon
and Laut. First off, notice that the data plotted *isn't* solar
variation directly, but an index of solar cycle length. There was
speculation that it might be related to solar variation, but this was
never clear. Now notice that the solar graph stops in 1980. Why could
that be? Look at D+L's figure 1c: when the correct data is used, the
upturn after 1980 disappears and the correlation with temperature
disappears. Oops. Best not mentioned.

The Guardian: Noxious emissions Apparently I'm part of a great
swindle, peddling the myth of climate change. If only.


 Deeply Deceptive

The film presented viewers with an apparently devastating refutation
of the "theory of global warming". And these were not picky, esoteric
criticisms. Durkin insisted that the world's climate scientists are
guilty of the most fundamental error imaginable: increased atmospheric
carbon dioxide (CO2) is not the cause of higher temperature, as the
experts claim. Quite the reverse: increasing atmospheric CO2 is itself
the result of rising temperature.

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